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How to make $500 A DAY!

I have to inform you this did not happen overnight, it took me almost 5months of hard work and perfecting my niche before I actually achieved this, and now I am actually earning $40 + a day at least on autopilot and now I am making over $500+ a month with about only 10 minutes of work.

In this ebook I will go in depth of what you need to do exactly in order to achieve the latter results! Including Niche, Coding, Websites, Video, Advertising etc. They are all "noob friendly" And I will be selling this ebook as low as only $5.00USD for a limited time, price will be up to $10.00 very soon. and this project is based on CPA! and this method definitely works, and it cant be saturated and actually the more people know this the stronger this gets! So why wait? BUY IT NOW and start making profits!

Friday, 19 August 2011

This Copy-and-paste, Hands-free, Quick-cash system will BANK you $3,000 in your first month! No knowledge or skills required! PERFECT for newbies and experts!

WSO OF THE DAY TODAY!(8/17/2011)

Proof at

Hey everyone!

This is Arron, back again with a truly amazing WSO for you guys! There has been a secret method that I have been keeping to myself for a while now. I have been doing the methods in this course for a couple months and have been really KILLING it and YOU can too!

I admit this was something I thought about keeping a very quiet secret, but after some deep thought, I decided to make this seriously hands-free, cash-sucking system into a WSO for Warriors eyes only !!

Please read this entire letter so you will be in the best position to make this very smart investment in your Internet Marketing Career.

What are the benefits of investing in this WSO?

  • With your purchase you will instantly receive an action-packed, 27 page e-book in which I hold your hand through the whole process of setting up and promoting one of the HOTTEST affiliate offers in the last decade!
  • These methods can be done from literally ANYWHERE in the world! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • These methods can be implemented with absolutely ZEROcash investment!
  • You don't have to worry about getting accepted into any CPA networks or approving your marketing methods with your Affiliate Manager! Forget that hassle!
  • Setting up only takes 15-20 minutes and you're ready to start making money.
  • These methods are 100% white-hat, ethical, legal, newbie friendly, scalable, and easy to implement.
  • This ENTIRE system can be outsourced EASILY to a VA for pennies on the dollar!
  • You will be left with NO GUESS WORK at all. I wrote this book in a super simple, step-by-step format and taught the methods as if you were sitting right next to me in my office.
  • You don't need to have any experience in Internet Marketing AT ALL to get started with these methods!
  • These methods will never become saturated or die down. We are promoting something that is absolutely HUGE right now and is GROWING every single day at BLINDING SPEED!!!
  • These methods are done 100% ONLINE, there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home!
  • These methods have nothing to do with: SEO, Facebook, Twitter, List-building, Cold-calling, Offline marketing, Paid traffic, Articles, Youtube, Fiverr, Craigslist, Yahoo Answers or flyers.
  • The niche and methods in this WSO will NOT be re-hashed material and this information has not been covered in ANY current WSOs on the Warrior Forum! This offer is truly a breath of fresh air!
  • I offer FREE fast-response email support to my buyers. I have improved my customer service system and made a new support email( I promise your email will be answered within 24 hours of being received or you will receive my future WSOs free of charge for life! (Who is brave enough to offer that kind of support?)
  • You can start seeing money from this WSO TODAY if you take serious action!

This system is by far my easiest, automated, money maker in my arsenal and I am totally spilling the beans on this rare, untapped niche!!

Who is this WSO for?

  • This WSO is FOR anyone in the world that can commit 45 minutes to 1 hour every day to following the step-by-step system within the course.
  • This WSO is FOR anyone in the world who has yet to earn any money online.
  • This WSO is FOR anyone in the world who has already had success with earning money online but wants to add another stream of income to their profits.
  • This WSO is FOR anyone in the world who is willing to put some real effort towards making some serious cash online.
Who is this WSO NOT for?
  • This WSO is NOT FOR anyone who is looking to become filthy rich in 30 days with zero effort.
  • This WSO is NOT FOR anyone who is looking for old-age niches and techniques.
  • This WSO is NOT FOR anyone planning to buy the course and refund after reading it. If your going into this with that on your mind, I guarantee you do not have what it takes to make money with these methods.
  • This WSO is NOT FOR lazy or black-hat marketers.

If I could I would bet my right arm that you have NEVER heard of these methods in ANY WSOs! NOW THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL UNIQUE!

A lot of WSO launchers say they write their courses in a step-by-step fashion, but NOBODY writes step-by-step systems like I do in this WSO. I literally take you by the hand from start to finish, including every tiny detail so you can get started immediately without having to ask a hundred questions.

What is this WSO about?

In this WSO I take a blazing, hot niche/affiliate offer and show you how to promote it like a madman! There are three separate methods of traffic generation inside the course. I suggest using all three of them but it is not required. You can choose one out of the three to focus on and still make serious cash!
I supply you with KILLER examples and templates to use for your promotion, literally everything you need is spoon fed to you in this course!
There isn't much work on your part beside copy and pasting the content in this course and rinse/repeating.

100% SAFE Money-Back Guarantee(Please do not abuse my refund policy! Respect it!)
I absolutely guarantee that if you purchase this course, perform the exact steps and can show me you did not make any profit within 30 days, I will refund 100% of your money back + a CASH BONUS within 24 hours. This system is a fool-proof money maker and I put a lot of hard work into making this a great, easy to understand WSO that will make you guys money! If you really can't respect my refund policy and simply do not “like” the course or think “it's not for you”, I will also send you a refund within 24 hours.

Ready to get instant access to

Affiliate Commander aka


Hurry and click the buy button below before the price raises to $10



Originally Posted by Shawn Anderson View Post
So I just did a quick once through and had to scoot over here to leave a review.

The first method in here is
so easy I could even get my mom to do it who has been wanting something 'super easy' to implement.

Man, you have got yourself a killer WSO here!

Two thumbs up...

Originally Posted by CraigRC View Post
Arron you hit the ball out of the park with this one, easily the best WSO you've ever done (and that's impressive considering your others are great).

The methods you describe and teach are so simple to follow that this should be automatically provided to everyone who has yet to make good income through Internet's that bulletproof.

Times like these make me thankful for the Warrior Forum, because it's possible to reach out and touch so many people's lives for the better by providing quality information that actually works...something everyone should strive for each time they launch a product.

Excellent work Kevin, you've got a real winner here and I look forward to seeing all the positive comments load up in this thread as people get their hands on it.


Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions
Originally Posted by bilkat19 View Post
Wow!!!!! Great stuff. Never seen anything this simple and easy to follow!!!! Even the wife is excited and she shuts me off anytime IM comes up can't wait to get back here and leave the success stories. Thank you
Originally Posted by jfinley View Post
Arron you are the man, I have been trying to make money online for years.
I have made a little here and there, but nothing consistent. After reading the ebook I am convinced once I put this to work, I will finally give myself and my family the life we deserve. I can not thank you enough, thanks in advance.
I will be sending you my success story very soon.

Originally Posted by DaveFromDownUnder View Post
Ok, I picked this up for a measly $8 last night.

Arron, I don't know where to start... You've produced the goods once again.

After going through the guide I started taking action immediately! IMO the methods that Arron reveals here, have phenomenal potential.

You've pretty much laid it all on the table; A well written step by step guide to putting hard earned into your pocket.
The methods Arron teaches here are not complicated, it's pretty much a point and shoot system.

Easy to understand, Easy to implement, well written guide! I'm glad I invested my $8 and plan on reporting back here with some feedback and results once I get the ball rolling.

thanks Arron.
Originally Posted by getbusy View Post
Arron, just bought and went over it briefly until I finish another project in the next day or two but had to say I like what I see... way to go!


Originally Posted by blackjack View Post

Excellent WSO. Something totally different to typical "make money WSO". This is really easy setup.

Originally Posted by DeWayne411 View Post
Areevez, you are the MAN!! I read your sales letter got excited, like I normally do about WSO's, but this one was very different for me, because your concept of how to make money just blew my freaking socks off! I never even thought about the method you describe and it is easily workable...makes total's a real gem!

I am glad I grabbed this one!

Originally Posted by coopthadaawg View Post
Hey Areevez I just purchased and read through the guide and I find it ingenius!
Originally Posted by Roger Gonzales View Post
Your Easy Street Cpa, is a brilliant product and I am almost finishing the set up. Then you came with affiliate commander, bought it read it and will start implementing right away. This is the easiest making money system EVER, highly recommended. Everything is just copy paste, KISS principle "keep it short and simple". Thanks again Arron.
Originally Posted by buddyduck53 View Post
I purchased Arron's WSO this afternoon...all I can say is WOW! and THANK YOU!!!

In just a few SHORT hours (only interrupted by dinner) I have managed to read the material and begin working on this!

I say "working", but really, this is SO simple folks! Arron has given everything we need to know here, just don't make the mistake of overcomplicating this! The beauty IS the simplicity of the method. The profit is in the repetition...the more you do, the more you make! It's a beautiful thing!

He's not kidding!!! The materials flow SO smoothly from one page to the next, that before you even know it, you will be ready and raring to go! Arron's smooth style of explaining things and outlining steps is so natural...makes you think he's in your living room discussing it over coffee!

This method is extremely actionable! It's simple, easy, and once you see the profitability - EXTREMELY FUN !!!

Oh, and for those of you wondering about refunds...Arron's WSO will cure even the pickiest, most return-happy, miserable hearts in the world! Pick it up today...and wear your smile tomorrow! Thanks a million Arron!

Originally Posted by Tracy411 View Post
Hi All,

I bought this WSO, as I have all of this seller's other WSOs. I like WSOs that focus on out-of-the-box ways to make money. I do not know the seller, nor have I been given a review copy. As I have said, I paid for it.

I have reviewed the whole WSO and can confidently say that this is a very actionable, easy to digest, easy to implement way to make money starting immediately. It is not a 'get rich quick' scam, nor is it illegal, unethical or ill-advised. This method is newbie-friendly and does not involve any level of technical knowledge to be successful. Without revealing the meat of the seller's method, I will say that it involves affiliate marketing, but that what you will be promoting as an affiliate will be something that will be extremely useful and potentially very profitable to your target market. This is not a method that will get saturated either, at least not anytime soon. It does not involve any cold-calling, or any calling at all actually. Therefore, if you are shy or hesitant to speak to people, this WSO will not be a problem for you. If you do not like to write, this WSO is also ideal as the seller provides exactly what you need to say in the 27 page pdf guide and provides an email address at which you can contact him should you have any questions related to this WSO you need answered. All that anyone needs to do is laid out in a very simple, step-wise fashion, complete with hyperlinks to any relevant sources. I can easily see how one could make quite a bit of money if one takes action and does it. I fully intend to do so.

I highly recommend this WSO, as do I any of this seller's other WSOs. Thanks to the seller for offering this guide here on the Warrior Forum

Originally Posted by bshelite View Post
I have purchased over 100 WSO's over the last couple of years and I seldom leave testimonials anymore because most of them just have not impressed me at all.

However, this BY FAR is the most actionable one I have ever read.

I missed Arron's Easy Street CPA method and have regretted it... thankfully I didn't miss this one.


Originally Posted by kathywilliams View Post
Just purchase. Can't wait to get started with this one. I've bought some of Areevez products before and they've been great and profitable, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Thanks Areevez.

Originally Posted by sith005 View Post
Man Arron,

As I said on your SMS Profit Rocket thread, I've become a fan. It's funny how simple this stuff is, yet it slaps you in the face when you read how you're doing this.

This is, in my opinion, your best WSO yet, by far. Great product man, this is really stuff that people can get on RFN!

In fact, I'll be kicking off some test of this tonight after work. Thanks again man, this one is out of the park!


Originally Posted by chris porter View Post
Great WSO, Arron! All of your products are unique and stand out because unlike others, your information is clear, concise, and actionable. Thanks for providing this means for people to actually make money, especially during theses difficult economic times! Keep up the good work!

Originally Posted by dreagle View Post
Areveez, Thank You for this WSO. I Love your style and your guarantee is is incredible. A lot of other folks who put out WSO,s could learn a thing or two from you. Can't wait to get started on this. Keep up the good work and once again Thank You.....
Originally Posted by feylesof View Post
I purchased this offer about 30 minutes ago, I have read the book. Easy to understand, easy to use. Tips that given in the book is very useful and I will try them as soon as possible.

Thanks for the offer, I will be waiting for others to come
Originally Posted by livinglarge View Post
I bought this WSO earlier today and have read through it and have done the beginning steps toward implementation. It truly is a brilliant idea. I had thought of this niche about a month ago but didn't know how to capitalize on it. This WSO explains how brilliantly and I know that I will make money from this one! The WSO is easy to read, and truly leaves nothing out. If you have a VA you will have an instant additional income stream. If you don't, this is really very doable to implement yourself and there is nothing about it that will make you pause and say...I can't do that, or I don't want to do that.

Really great product!
Originally Posted by Easy Marketer View Post
Just bought it on the raves here. I've not seen your products before.
I zipped through this book and can see it certainly is different to anything I've seen before and worth a try. You are very clever.
The book is very clear and instructive and the method is easy.
By the way, I must be the mother who could do it someone referred to. Go seniors.
Originally Posted by Dailybread View Post
Hi Arron, Purchased and read your WSO. This has just become one of my favourite WSOs. Ever. Clever. Easy to do. And you give us all the copy and paste info needed to make this work anywhere in the world.
Awesome! This WSO is my fun for an hour or so each night for a while as I also do the other boring site and seo stuff I am working on. I have bought a few WSOs and this is the best.

As for google adsense, I "earned" $8.76(!) in just over 18 months and then Google said it detected click fraud and killed me dead! BASTARDS!

Thanks Arron.
Originally Posted by Roy Naim View Post
So, here's the fact, I had my ups and downs with Arron's WSOs.

His first one, some liked, I didn't.

His 2nd one I skipped.

His 3rd one was pretty good.

This one, was the most simplest of them all and pretty cool.

What he said in the sales page that this is a copy and paste course...he wasn't kidding.

In short, the set up time is 15 minutes, the work, I say to see good results you need a good hour a day (Arron, sent you a PM regarding this).

So, you set it up (which the only cost you have is a domain name, you do not need hosting but if you have it, good for you), and then you do a quick research (this may take some time, even though I did just say quick) and then you just literally copy and paste the template Arron gives you.

Simple as that.

Does it work?

Well, I have't done it with this specific "profit source", but I have done something VERY similar with a CPA offer in the past and it is profitable.

So there you have it. I know I usually refrain from leaving reviews without results, but in this case, I know it works because of my similar experience.

And oh, that first WSO, Arron refunded me plus and mind you, the man was very helpful and respectful to me...Great dude to do business with.

Originally Posted by NVRGVUP View Post
I have been a first day buyer on your last 3 WSOs, and I have to say, after spending way too much time and $$ on so called GURU products, your stuff is amazing.

How the *heck* do you keep coming up with these original ideas?.... oh, and they actually work!

I'll be back with a review when the 1st dollar is made from this one. Won't be a long wait, I bet.

So Arron.... what's next??

Originally Posted by mydream247 View Post
Hi Arron,

I have bought all your WSO's and this is the easiest one for me to get started, and to make serious money, this is brilliant. I don't know how you do it, but Please continue, this is great product, the pdf is easy to read and follow, great niche, everything is included, there is zero start up folks, and no possible saturation, and No Paypal dramma.

Thanks for this Great WSO